ZYTO Link is a powerful tool for personalizing wellness decisions. The app provides a streamlined process for users to grow their business, from inviting people to run a wellness scan to recommending the right products, as well as connecting them to your affiliate store for easy purchasing.
This app was designed connected levels of the report that are quick and easy to interpret thus allowing the user to make recommendations about various products. The app had to function on two levels from a single interface. One for running a scan on oneself and the other to manage clients and run scans on them either in person or by remote invite.
Main Challenge
Create an app that would accommodate both new and existing clients that could be used without a hardware component for scanning.
Simplify complex reports so users can quickly interoperate results.
User Study
I created several sets of wireframes to illustrate various data input methods which were presented to 3 groups of individuals. These studies helped to decide what modalities were most trusted for data input and report generation. Throughout app production, users were contacted for feedback feature usability and app flow.
App Development
I worked closely with the development and marketing teams from ideation to final launch. The finished app now produced significant monthly capital for the company.
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